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Beginnings in 14th century

  • Beginnings of tool manufacturing in Koroška valley date back to 14th century when this industrial branch started to develop simultaneously with the development of the iron industry. Natural conditions as well as native people represented ideal conditions for the development of this industry.
  • The beginnings of the company reach back to the year 1926, when the production of piles started . Production has due to quality of products hardly followed to the needs of market, the quality of »pile from Prevalje« was known also to the royal workshops in Vienna. The development of pile factory, renamed in to »Tovarna pil Prevalje« had big impact on town Prevalje and also Koroška valley.
  • New ideas and knowing led in to development of other cutting tools, not only piles. Consequently, in the year 1960 the company launched Elomax cutters what is taken as the beginning of current cutting tools production.
  • In the 70s, company started production of circular saws, circular knives and products made of tungsten carbide, whereby the production of piles was gradually given up and in 1981 ultimately abandoned.

TRO today

  • From the beginning of the 21st century, TRO has become orientated to high quality industrial knives destined to the most demanding buyers in the global market.

  • Nowadays, TRO is modern company with more than 130 employees and a wide production range, including industrial knives, woodworking tools, circular saws and tungsten carbide products.

  • Our products are sold in more than 50 countries world wide. With investments in education we raise educational level of employees what significantly influence on readiness to accept challenges and mastering the changes.
  • Implementation of new safety concepts and new technologies allow us to reduce risks at working places and in work environment.