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Knives for scrap shears and cutting sheet metal are applicable in the manufacture of tubes, service centers (steel centers), automotive industry and recycling of steel scrap.

Manufactured for cutting and transformation of different materials, where the geometrical precision of the knives is crucial and of utmost importance for an accurate cut. They are manufactured up to the diameter of 550 mm and with a variety of holes, which are necessary for mounting on different axes.

Knives for scrap shears and sheet metal are applicable for:

  • cutting of different profiles
  • cutting of scrap (for hydraulic and mechanical shear)
  • alligator knives

In the manufacture of knives for scrap shears and sheet metal we use materials, which ensure the durability required in the metal industry.

Mostly used materials are adapted for cold cutting. With proper heat treatment these steels achieve high strength, toughness, wear resistance and stability at working temperatures (1.2767 and 1.2379). They are heat treated to a hardness of 40 to 65 HRC.

TRO supplies knives for scrap shears and sheet metal to suit different machinery like: Lindemann, Copex, Vezzani, Schäfer, Cosmo and others.