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The know-how acquired over the decades is a good basis for the production of cutting tools, however constant education and improvement of our employees is the guarantee to supplying the best knives.

The company dates back to 1926 when it started the production of files. It grew over the decades and had an increasing influence on the region and the valley. New ideas and know-how soon introduced other products and so in 1960 the company started producing fingerjoint cutters, which meant the beginning of the present production of cutting tools. In the 70’s it started producing circular knives and products made of tungsten carbide. The company’s research and development began the production of more demanding tools and industrial knives.

Today the company TRO d.o.o. is amongst the largest European manufacturers of knives and fingerjoint cutters, and is recognized by numerous buyers throughout the world. Europe’s largest manufacturers of equipment for various industries mount our knives on their machines, which are shipped worldwide.

The largest percentage of our sales are represented by the European machine manufacturing companies and other buyers such as: Lindner, MTB, MO-DI-TEC, Rapid, Wanner, Wittmann, Metso, NGR, Herbold, Untha, Nuga, Pallmann, Mus Max, and others.

As well as selling to European machine manufacturers, we also offer knives as spare parts for machines: Folcieri, Previero, Alpina, Tria, Neue Herbold, Zerma, Vecoplan, Weima, Brucks, Maier, Segem, Hombak, Pesa, Pezelato and others.