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TRO-cutting tools d.o.o. is an up-to-date company with 150 employees. It offers a wide assortment of products and is amongst the largest manufacturers of industrial knives and wood-work tools in Europe. Our products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The beginning of tool production on the location TRO dates back to the year 1926 when the production of piles began in the town of Prevalje. New ideas and know-how influenced new production programs at the factory. We used to be known as a high quality manufacturer of wood-working tools (saw blades, cutters, borers). 

Today we are a strategic supplier of industrial knives to the most demanding European machine manufacturers, who expect from their suppliers only the best quality, on-time delivery and competitive prices.

We are constantly investing in updating our equipment, informative technology, development of efficiency and education of our employees, research and development and we encourage innovative ideas.

The investment of educating and qualifying our staff reflects in the willingness to accept new challenges and to master reforms. Our company appraises anyone with business based ideas, anyone that is determined and innovative and being so, contributes to improving products and management organization.


  • We support our business partners in their business actions with utmost respect and encourage constant development.
  • We create an innovative environment for our employees.
  • We take concern in business ethics and are responsible for the environment.
  • We reward our share-holders with competitive profits for their shares in our company.
  • We constantly care for longterm interest and the existence of our company.


We are a group of innovative and dynamic individuals, who are passionately united to research and production of the highest quality industrial products, which are intended for the most demanding buyers on the global market.


Speed and flexibility. Partnership and trust.