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Knives for metal recycling, felling and waste

Due to the remarkable toughness of metals we have a wide selection of quality materials. In combination with the appropriate choice of annealing, mechanical treatment, experience and technical knowledge we can recommend the best solutions for any kind of application in recycling of metals.

Application of knives for recycling:
Knives for recycling are mainly applicable in recycling centers in different specialized machines: mills, shears, grinding machines, alligator shears. 

Depending on the type of machine we manufacture various kinds of knives for recycling:

  • Knives for cutting scrap
  • Knives for cutting steel briquettes
  • Knives for felling
  • Alligator knives
  • Crushers
  • Knives for hydraulic shears
  • Knives for mechanical shears
  • Guides

With the application of TRO knives for recycling in your production your executive costs will be lower and your production targets will increase.