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Straight and circular knives for cellulose and paper industry, graphics and printing industry, toilet paper industry and other knives for paper.

The knives are manufactured in various grades of materials according to the customer requirements. All TRO knives for paper are hardened under controlled procedures. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure high wear resistance and quality cut.

Most knives for paper industry are manufactured from high-alloy tool steel and high speed steel. It is possible to manufacture them from powder materials.


High quality guillotine knives have a long life time and clean cut.

Many customers have confidence in our high-tech knowledge and quality knives. We produce a wide range of knives for all modes of paper cutting.



Upper and lower trimmer knives work like shears.

Today's highly productive Trimmer Knives produce more than 30.000 cuts per hour, which requires high-quality blades and narrow tolerances. TRO Trimmer Knives boast with the quality blades, which prolong the machine life and consequently increase the production goals and cost savings.

Knives and blades for paper industry are applicable for:

  • Paper industry, cardboard and corrugated cardboard industry

  • Graphic and printing industry

  • Other industries, which manufacture and process various types of paper and linen (for example packaging, cut out labels, etc.)


Table tolerances and mechanical characteristics