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High quality circular shredding knives are mostly used for grinding of large pieces of rubber and plastics.

Circular shredding knives are made from high quality steels and it`s mechanical treatment assures maximum wear resistance, long life and reliability. The mostly used steel qualities are 1.2379, 1.2345, 1.2343 , 1.2767 which are determined according to the application.

We manufacture custom circular shredding knives per sample and drawing. If you need your Circular Shredding Knives manufactured to your exact requirements our excellent technical team will take care that they will meet all your expectations.

Under the strict supervision of our experts circular shredding knives are thermal treated in computerized hardening furnaces. So we achieve that all knives are manufactured within the required tolerances. The maximum hardness for these knives is 62 HRC. Circular shredding knives are manufactured up to 1000 mm outer diameter.

Examples of use:
TRO supplies circular shredding knives for various machinery, such as: Untha, Weima, Mewa, Artech, Vecoplan and others.