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Years of experience and constant development of technology and advanced solutions enable the improvement of the quality and working life of our products and service.

The combination of customer requirements and ideas, our own development, modern machinery and technologies enables us to develop and produce complete and advanced technology solutions of industrial knives.

Due to the complexity of machines and processes, which included cutting tools TRO, we provide an integral and professional support, especially in the field of recycling and plastics, metal, wood and paper industries, as well as in other areas.

Tradition and quality of cutting tools TRO

Knowledge accumulated over the decades is a good basis for further manufacturing of quality cutting tools; constant training and updating of our employees is a guarantee for providing quality cutting tools.

Today the company TRO d.o.o. is amongst the largest European manufacturers of knives and fingerjoint cutters, and is recognized by numerous buyers throughout the world: Lindner, MTB, MO-DI-TEC, Rapid, Wanner, Wittmann, Metso, NGR, Herbold, Untha, Nuga, Pallmann, Mus Max, etc.

For the spare parts market we also manufacture knives for the following machines: Folcieri, Previero, Alpina, Tria, Neue, Herbold, Zerma, Vecoplan, Weima, Brucks, Maier, Segem, Hombak, Pesa, Pezelato, etc.


The products are processed in the CNC milling and planing centers and on the modern grinding machines, whereby we ensure proper preparation of tools for heat treatment, which is performed in oil as in a vacuum furnace.

The most precise manufacture is made on wire erosion. The choice of the annealing process depends on the selected material and the application of the product. The tempering in vacuum furnaces is computerized, which allows us to monitor and archive all heat treatment processes. The Final treatment of the products is made on grinding machines with appropriate abrasives, which give the product the required final characteristics.