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The company is distinguished by an updated organization of production and technically qualified work force, which ensures highest quality standards in the complete process of tool production that ranges from material selection to the final product.

We believe that in a time of harsh worldwide competition we will satisfy our customers only with offers which include the best quality and reasonable prices, which we upgrade with quality and over-all construction engineering service.

Own research and development

Our first aim is to satisfy our customers.

We assure this by respecting specific desires, business flexibility and competitive prices. Our cooperation with worldwide machine manufacturers keeps us updated with the latest innovations on the market – especially in the field of materials and procedures of heat treatment, which adds to the knives required characteristics.

In the construction and technology department we therefore employ professionals, which constantly update to improve our cutting tools as well as our customers savings. We believe that this is a guarantee to longterm development and company’s existence.

Construction department

The scheme of the product starts in the construction department, where updated computer CAD programs are used to design final products and find optimum solutions to satisfy our customers specific needs- from geometric alterations up to using materials, which guarantee best results at high stresses.

Our products are made of the highest quality tool and high alloy high speed steel, which we purchase at well-known European steel-works. Besides using tested steel such as 1.2379, 1.2360, 1.2345, 1.2367 and others, we also use powder steel in our production process ie. steel under the name of ASP or K340, which enables our knives to achieve better lasting characteristics.