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The company TRO has a longterm tradition. Parallel with the research of products, solutions and market our company developed quality standards and integrated them to our business strategy and goals.

Our main business principles are high quality products and services with the aim to satisfy all buyers, suppliers and employees. This we achieve by educating, encouraging innovations and constant improvements. To achieve quality products with high added value, we integrated quality standards to all the company’s working processes.

By fulfilling all legal requirements as well as using our own system we achieve a healthy and clean environment at working posts inside the company and neighbouring district.

Quality is not only a demand in the company TRO, but it is a way of thinking by all the employees, which reflects back on quality and high standard products.

Quality to ISO standard instructions

To achieve quality regarding our customers demands, we work to the ISO standard instructions. We have a clearly defined vision and successfully execute our responsibility towards quality demands. Constant improvement and training of our personnel to cope with sales, research, production and control, enables our customers demands and desires to be considered in our products.

Our products are made of materials, which can later be recycled. That is why they do not have a particular negative effect on the environment. Legal and other regulations, which dictate the preservation of a clean and healthy environment, are considered when using materials and planning the production process.

Quality is our way of working and it is mediated to all personnel so that they are acquainted with it, understand, perform and maintain it at all levels.

Quality policy

TRO – cutting tools d.o.o. is a company with a longterm tradition in the production of wood-working tools, industrial knives and tungsten carbide.

We are aware that recent positive results do not guarantee future success, therefore our aim is constant research and improvement of all processes and a determination in reaching satisfaction with our customers as well as assuring supreme quality of our products and safety.

With the acceptation of the quality policy the company is obliged to realize the following:

  • with the planned research and adopted strategy our aim will be to successfully market our company’s products with the intention of remaining a reliable supplier of products with high added value;

  • we will create a relationship with our customers, which will be based on co-operation, reliable and precise deliveries, high quality products and suitable prices;

  • we will preserve and improve high

  • quality products by constantly improving all processes that effect the product;

  • we will see to a safe and healthy working environment and lower negative affects on the neighbouring areas;

  • regarding purchasing and selecting service personnel and suppliers, we will give priority to those with a higher level of quality and sense for the environment

  • we will see to the education and motivation of all personnel, suitably reward and influence basic values such as trustworthiness, reliability, co-operation, efficiency and innovativeness

We must not consider quality as a responsibility given to the management or individual departments, but as a responsibility of all employed at the company.