The entire product manufacturing process is carried out within the company. Production is computer-aided and ensures high productivity and traceability throughout the entire process all the way from material intake to customer delivery. We continuously and sustainably improve and upgrade it with new tools that are part of Industry 4.0. We use only the tools and equipment that we believe actually contribute to raising the efficiency and quality of products.

Usually, the process begins with cutting the material. Appropriate equipment and technology are key elements that enable various processes for cutting all types and shapes of materials.

We process our products in state-of-the-art CNC cutting (vertical and horizontal, single- and multi-pallet) and turning centers with driven tools. Some CNC machining centers are equipped with machine vision for workpiece manipulation and Renishaw measuring probes. This ensures the highest possible accuracy and repeatability in series production. There are also several different grinding machines involved in our production process. They are intended for special grinding operations that are performed on our various products.

Therefore, high-quality workpieces go through different heat treatment processes, the most predominant types of which are hardening and tempering in the vacuum furnace. We have 3 vacuum furnaces and equipment for sub-zero treatment up to -145 °C if special product quality is required. The choice of tempering process depends on the material and the intended use of the product.

Once different methods of heat treatment have been applied to our products, they must be completed and have their required tolerances and cutting capabilities fully achieved. State-of-the-art machines by Göckel enable highly productive and precise grinding of surfaces and give the product the desired final properties with the appropriate abrasives. We should also highlight the high-precision JUNG BLOHM CNC grinding machines, which enable CNC profiling of grinding wheels and are intended for the production of technically very demanding products in narrow tolerance ranges. We also carry out hard machining for special requests up to a hardness of 63 HRC, which we perform with special tools in CNC machining centers. If necessary, we use other processing procedures such as wire erosion and other similar procedures.

We carry out numerous other procedures during our production process that are not described but are crucial to produce a large number of different products and satisfy customer requirements.

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