Knives for slow-speed granulators

Knives for slow-speed granulators

Knives for slow-speed granulators are used to grind fillings as part of the process of plastic injection with slow-speed granulators. They are placed directly next to the machine in order to grind the fillings, formed during plastic injection, into granules for immediate reuse in the process.

Roller represents a key part of the grinding machine at low speeds and regulates quality cutting. A lot of emphasis is placed on the durability of the blades and the highly accurate geometry of the teeth in order to achieve the required granulate size. Rollers are made of high-alloy steel to enable functionality in any type of cold environment and are vacuum-hardened to achieve the best possible properties.

We also manufacture other wear parts for slow-speed granulators.

The numerous years of experience and knowledge in this domain allow us to properly advise our customers and to always offer them the best solution for every grinding application.

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