Finger joint cutters

Finger joint cutters

Finger joint cutters are used for longitudinal and latitudinal joining of soft (spruce, fir) and hard wood (oak, beech). Used for building components in roof structures, KVH laminated beams, in joinery, in the manufacture of floors, slats and panels.

Finger joint cutters are used on longitudinal joining machines, benchtop milling machines and other special machines. We produce brazed cutters for mini joints as well as interchangeable blades for head mounting from various manufacturers.

In the production of cutters, both conventional and powder-coated high-speed steels are used for cutting inserts. HSS). Depending on the application, we can also offer hard coatings on the cutters to achieve longer times between individual sharpening’s.

Production relies on CNC machining centers, which ensure exceptional accuracy and high-quality machining. We produce complete sets to produce mini joints for highly productive lines with displacements of up to 48 m/min.

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