Mechanical treatment

Mechanical treatment

Material cutting

  • Cutting with AMADA band saws up to a cross section of 530x530 mm or up to a diameter of ø530 mm
  • Cutting at an angle on a band saw to a cross section of 380x380 mm
  • Laser cutting up to a plate format of 3000x1500 mm and a thickness of 20 mm for structural steels



  • Grinding with a rotating magnet up to a maximum diameter of 600 mm and a maximum height of 400 mm, with thickness accuracy of up to 0.002 mm
  • Surface segment grinding: maximum length 4000 mm, maximum width 700 mm, maximum height 250 mm
  • Surface segment grinding with a tilting magnetic chuck: maximum length 4500 mm, maximum height 300 mm
  • Longitudinal circumferential grinding with a grinding disc to achieve more demanding tolerances: maximum length 1000 mm, maximum width 600 mm, maximum height 320 mm. Possibility of CNC profile grinding.
  • Circumferential circular grinding from a diameter of ø4- ø340 mm and a maximum length of 700 mm; with accuracy up to 0.002 mm
  • 5-axial grinding on a dedicated machine for profiling woodworking tools with a diameter of up to ø250 mm and a maximum length of 200 mm


Cutting and drilling

  • Cutting and drilling on CNC vertical machining centers up to a maximum workpiece length of 2450 mm, a maximum workpiece width of 900 mm, a maximum workpiece height of 800 mm and a maximum workpiece weight of 3500 kg. All our machines are equipped with measuring probes, dividers and an integrated system for robotic manipulation.
  • Cutting and drilling on CNC horizontal machining centers up to maximum dimensions ø1450 mm, maximum workpiece height 1550 mm and weight 2000 kg. The machines are equipped with measuring probes and a simultaneous 4 axis rotary table.



  • Turning on CNC and conventional lathes up to a maximum external diameter of 376 mm and a maximum length of 725 mm. Lathes are equipped with driven tools.


Deep hole drilling

  • Deep hole drilling up to 1500 mm in diameter.

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