Chipper knives (wood chip production)

Chipper knives (wood chip production)

Chipper knives, manufactured up to a length of 1600 mm, are used in primary wood processing.

They are high-quality industrial knives that are mostly made of material no.1.2360 (8% Cr), which is characterized by good wear resistance and medium robustness.

In addition to chipper knives, the TRO company also manufactures various shapes of counter knives, holders, matrices and other tools for primary wood processing. Chipper knives are also used in agricultural machinery, woodworking machines and other machine tools.

Chipper knives are processed with the most modern mechanical processing machines and in state-of-the-art heat treatment furnaces, most often to a hardness of 54-58 HRC.

We also offer knives for special applications that undergo a special heat treatment, where the clamping part of the knife is processed to a lower hardness. This process allows us to achieve a higher level of robustness and resilience for our knives. This significantly reduces the possibility of the knives breaking upon use.

Uses: Flaker knives, manufactured by the TRO company, are installed in the following machines: Hombak, Klöckner, Maier, Pallmann, Pessa.

Peeling knives

Peeling knives are used to remove bark from logs during the process of further wood processing.


We manufacture a wide range of peeling knives made of high-alloy steels and brazed knives with carbide plates according to our customer requirements.


Flaker knives

As part of a wide range of knives for the wood industry, we also offer flaker knives that are available in various dimensions with various material qualities.

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