Circular saws

Circular saws

Circular saws are a product with a long tradition in the TRO company.

A quality and good cut requires an optimal combination of saw geometry, the right number of teeth and the appropriate quality of carbide hardness. All of the above is included in the industrial TRO circular saws, because the manufacturing of these products is based on an application of a modern method of saw making, which comprises of laser cutting of discs as well as automated soldering and grinding of teeth. This gives our circular saws a high level of quality, which is trusted by many customers.


Types of circular saws:

  • Longitudinal cut saws: longitudinal cutting of soft and hard wood on table and multi-blade circular saws.
  • Longitudinal cut saws with cleaners: longitudinal cutting of soft, hard and naturally wet wood on table and multi-blade circular saws.
  • All-purpose circular saws: cross-cutting of soft and hard wood on table and multi-blade circular saws.
  • Cross cut saws: cross-cutting of soft, hard and exotic wood, chipboard, plywood and MDF boards on table and multi-blade circular saws.
  • Circular saws for non-ferrous metals and plastics: for cutting and trimming thin-walled profiles and plates of non-ferrous metals up to 10 mm thick and plastics up to 6 mm thick on table circular saws, CNC cutting centers and angle cutting machines.

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