Knives for single-axis shredders

Knives for single-axis shredders

Knives for single-axis shredders are used for shredding large waste material (industrial and bulky waste, wood, plastic barrels, waste rubber, paper, fishing nets, agro foils, aluminum, etc.).

We produce rotor blades (rectangular, square, circular, profile, hammers) and counter-rotating rotor blades (rectangular, toothed).

Based on our many years of experience in this field and in order to achieve the lowest possible operating costs while increasing the capacity of the shredder, we offer our customers different qualities of steel, various shape possibilities, as well as different types of heat treatment and hardness options for individual product applications.

By using automatised lines to produce knives for single-axis shredders, we give our customers consistent quality at competitive prices.

Examples of use: TRO knives for single-axis shredders are most often installed in shredding machines of the following manufacturers: Amis - Zerma, Vecoplan, Lindner, Mewa, Zeno, Weima, Untha, Wagner, Columbus McKinnon; Barclay, Granutech, Cumberland, and others.

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