Circular shredding knives

Circular shredding knives

Circular shredding knives are made of steel types with high impact strength and wear resistance, which can withstand the biggest loads (grinding of tires, textiles and paper, solid metal parts, electronic equipment, cables, bulky waste, etc.). The maximum diameter of our circular shredding knives is 800 mm.


Knives for multiaxial shredders are made of different steels, and the most appropriate depends on the application:

  • steel for tempering
  • tool steels
  • cementing steels
  • special wear steels (Hardox, Creusabro, Dillidur)


We encourage strict supervision by our technicians at all stages of production in order to achieve a high level of reliability and performance of our tearing blades. Circular shredding knives are thermally treated in computer-aided annealing furnaces, thereby achieving the appropriate heat treatment quality level.

By using the latest manufacturing strategies, we can offer our customers exceptional consistent quality at competitive prices. This is thanks to a team of highly qualified technical staff who can advise the customer on both technical and design solutions.


In addition to circular shredding knives we also manufacture other wear parts for two- and four-axis shredders:

  • spacer rings
  • wear plates
  • cleaners
  • nuts
Uses: TRO knives for multiaxial shredders can be used in the following machines: Untha, Weima, Mewa, Erdwich, Artech, and others.

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