Knives for recycling scrap metal

Knives for recycling scrap metal

The TRO company draws from vast experience and technical knowledge in order to achieve the best solutions for different metal recycling requirements. Our knives for recycling scrap metal are made of extremely hard and robust steel. In order to achieve the necessary robustness, we choose from a wide array of quality material that is subsequently hardened and mechanically processed.



Knives for recycling scrap steel are mostly used in recycling centers in various machines designed for this very purpose: namely mills, shears, crushing machines, alligator shears.


Depending on the type of machine, we produce different types of knives for recycling:

  • Knives for cutting scrap iron
  • Knives for cutting steel briquettes
  • Demolition blades
  • Alligator knives
  • Shredders
  • Knives for hydraulic shears
  • Knives for mechanical shears


By installing the TRO recycling knives, you will both reduce operating costs and increase production targets.

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