Technology and development

Technology and development

As a company with many years of experience in this field we have been constantly investing in the development of existing and new technologies, finding advanced solutions and improving the quality and competitiveness of our products and services.

The combination of customer requirements and ideas, steady development, state-of-the-art machinery and the use of advanced technologies allows us to develop and manufacture comprehensive and modern technological solutions in the industrial knives sector.

As we are well aware of the complexity of machines and processes involving TRO cutting tools, we provide our customers with a comprehensive offer that includes professional support. This offer is especially extensive in the field of recycling and plastics, metal, wood and paper industries as well as in other areas. We also fully realize that in times of fierce global competition the only way to satisfy our customers is by offering them the best quality for the best price, which we complement with a comprehensive construction engineering service.


Development and construction department

The development department plays a key role in the realization of projects in the TRO company and represents the foundation of our future. Innovation in all areas allows us to constantly improve and respond quickly to even the most demanding customer requests.

Our primary guideline is the satisfaction of our customers which we ensure by taking into account their specific requests, as well as by being flexible in business and offering competitive prices. Because we work with various machine manufacturers around the world, we are constantly in touch with innovations that are gaining ground in the market, especially in the field of materials and heat treatment processes. 

Product design begins in the construction department, where we design the final products with state-of-the-art computer CAD programs and look for optimal solutions to meet specific customer needs – from changing the geometry to using materials that provide the best results in the most demanding applications.

In the technology and development department we therefore employ experts who constantly take care of improving and innovating our cutting tools and enhance their cost-effectiveness, as we believe that only this way can we ensure the long-term development and sustainability of the TRO company.


Tradition and expertise

The knowledge we have acquired over the decades represents a good basis for the production of quality cutting tools, whereas constant education and care for our employees is a guarantee for the supply of the best blade.

The origins of our company date back to 1926, when the former factory started producing files. Ever since, the company has grown and increased its impact on the local area and the surrounding valley. New ideas and knowledge soon led to the development of other products and so in 1960 the production of cutters began, which marked the beginning of the current production of cutting tools. In the seventies, the company started producing circular knives and carbide products. We have since began focusing our development on producing increasingly more demanding tools and industrial knives.

Today, the company TRO d.o.o. represents one of the largest European manufacturers of industrial knives and finger joint cutters that is trusted by customers around the world. The largest European manufacturers of equipment for various industries install our blades in their machines, which are then exported worldwide. 

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