The TRO company has a long tradition. Along with the steady development of our products, solutions and markets, we were also focusing on developing quality systems in our company and integrating them into our strategy and business goals.

Our main guiding principle of business is the high quality of products and services in order to achieve the satisfaction of all customers - buyers, suppliers and employees. We achieve this through educating our employees and encouraging them to innovate and continuously improve. In order to achieve quality products with high added value we have integrated quality systems into all our business processes.

By meeting legal and other requirements and through the creation of our own system, we ensure a healthy and clean workplace environment within the company and in the wider environment.

At TRO, quality is not merely a requirement, but rather a mindset of our employees, which is reflected in our working methods as well as in the creation of high-quality products.



A high level of quality represents our guiding principle, which is regularly communicated to all our employees in order for them to fully grasp its importance within our company, as well as implement and maintain a supreme level of quality at all stages of production.
Thanks to the implementation of the quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard, all TRO employees demonstrate the ability to both consistently provide products and services in accordance with customer requirements as well as improve customer satisfaction and in turn boost the success of our business.
We incorporate materials that can be recycled after use into our products. Therefore, our products do not have a particularly negative impact on the environment. When using materials and procedures in production we follow legal and other regulations that dictate how we maintain a clean and healthy environment.


Inspection and packaging

Quality assurance in the production process itself is carried out through several phases, namely:

  • Intake control of raw materials and semi-finished products
  • Interphase control in the production process
  • Final product control


We use the following methods when performing quality control:

  • Visual and quantitative verification
  • Dimensional verification of the product by measuring
  • Hardness measurement 
  • We file quality records and measurement protocols. 


Product control is performed by qualified personnel using widespread measuring instruments, such as micrometers, slide and height gauges, as well as calibers for determining and verifying product quality.


In addition to the measuring instruments listed above, special measuring devices are also used in the measuring room:

  • 2D height scales 
  • Surface roughness measuring devices 
  • Stationary and mobile hardness measuring devices
  • 2D and 3D optical measuring devices


All measuring instruments are calibrated in accordance with the standards and are in perfect condition.

Proper and product-friendly packaging ensures safe transport to customers around the world. Shipments are packaged based on dimension, weight and specific customer requirements. Smaller shipments are packed in cardboard boxes while larger shipments are packed in appropriate wooden boxes, which can also be heat-treated. All packaging material made of wood and used in international traffic must meet the technical requirements in accordance with the ISPM 15 standard.

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